Search Engines: Yahoo 2, Everyone Else Double Digits

Yup, since recieving th Yahoo/WP e-mail, I have two searches from Yahoo. Yesterday, I had over 50 at this time. All the other are deep in the double digits with Boston Marathon being the most searched term.

Something is not right. Just like when I heard how all the cell service shut down yesterday in Boston.

Can we do welfare better than we do now? (via Freedom Apparatus)

Can we do welfare better than we do now? This whole debt debate has gotten me thinking.  What can we really do to change the way our entitlement programs are working; because the system is not really working right now.  I am someone who would like to see our debt paid off, but I also do not want to see people suffer when they need help from the Government.  I cannot get myself to believe that most of … Read More

via Freedom Apparatus

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