Put A Sock In It: The Thought Police Are Coming Or Are They Already Here?

While this incident might seem like a good piece of police work, it is not. Let me state that physical acts of violence towards anybody due to their race is wrong, but police saying that some chant in a public place is racist, thus criminal? Please, where will it end? Discussions of behaviors as immoral will be next. Church sermons involving the condeming of sins have been targeted already. If I say that I believe homosexuality is a sin, at what point will this become hate speech? There is no guarenteed personal right of “not to be offended.” If this were the case, half the folks shopping in Wal-Mart would be jailed.

I guess the best example I have from personal experience is with my alma mater and our mascott. Stanislaus State Warriors: When I was a student in the business department, we had Chief Estanislauo, when I returned years later and entered the English department, the mascott looked like an open book! Yeah, still a nogging itcher to me. It was an honor, and a symbol of pride to have the Chief as the mascott. He was not portrayed as a cartoon, nor as a goffy character. He actually looked like the real guy. But some light in the loafer type thought it was offensive. Please! I remember at the time it was a huge expense to remove the portrait from the basketball court, rplace staionary, and other symbols through out the campus. Then the chump also complained about the cost of a semester of classes!

“We launched Operation Midas after a group of men, who we believe to be Charlton Athletic supporters, boarded a train at Putney and were heard chanting racist songs – something which was both offensive and extremely intimidating for other passengers on board.

“My team of detectives have worked quickly to gather evidence and, by working closely with Charlton Athletic FC, coupled with excellent CCTV footage, intelligence reports and statements from witnesses, we’ve been able to move swiftly and make this morning’s arrests,” he said

Isolated measles outbreak has Indiana officials on alert (via Coalition Against Illegal Immigration)

Isolated measles outbreak has Indiana officials on alert FYI, just in case you live in Indiana, have relatives there, or are planning to visit there. From Reuters.com State Health Commissioner Dr. Gregory Larkin said his department had dispatched workers to seven nearby counties in northern Indiana to identify any additional cases of the highly contagious disease and to prevent its spread. The workers have also been given additional doses of the measles vaccine. Individuals who have been exposed to an … Read More

via Coalition Against Illegal Immigration

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