Is Administrative Law Unlawful ?

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From the Constitution of the United States:


All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

When we talk of Administrative law, we are speaking of an extra-legal add on, which has very little (if any) base in the Constitution. If you are not familiar with it, here is a link to an introductory lecture POL611 . That’s how it is conceptualized these days. But is it constitutional at all? That’s different story. I’ve spoken of this several times lately once at Jess’ Watchtower, and on Nebraska Energy Observer here, and here. It’s an important concept. Much of the content here is taken from a series on The Power Line Bloghere, here, here, and here. Don’t panic, they’re quite short…

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San Fran’s Favorite Moonbat: We Should Treat Illegal Alien Children Like ‘Baby Jesus’

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The same woman who fervently supports late-term abortion

Let’s just let Pelosi speak for herself, here. This is also the same woman who claims to be a devout Catholic. Uh-huh. Cardinals and Bishops alike have called for her excommunication in light of her support for abortion.

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Conservative Blacks Ain’t Got No Bidness At This Week’s NAACP Convention

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Musn’t stray from the liberal plantation, y’all

The NAACP is holding its annual convention in Las Vegas this week. This year’s theme? All in for justice and equality.” And, hey – what better venue could there be for fighting against injustice and inequality than the posh Mandalay Bay resort?

Speaking of “justice and equality,” it doesn’t appear that “normal” (liberal) blacks at the conference believe that the nice-sounding theme applies to black conservatives. Shocked? Me neither.

Undeterred, the shunned black conservatives held their own get-together – “Empower Liberty Summit” – in the same hotel, directly across the hall from the NAACP event. No word yet on whether there were any drive-by shootings from the other side.

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Why does our government send America’s bravest and best to supposedly fight for our safety and security, and at the same time allow illegal, unknown aliens to flood across the southern border?

Why did our government trade 5 Muslom war criminals for one American deserter, and refuse do nothing for a troubled war hero who made a wrong turn into Mexico?

Why does are government harass Israel for defending their people from Muslom aggressors who use their women and children as shields?

Why is “Star Wars” technology work for Israel, but not for America? (Remember the crap Storm Mr. Reagan caught for this?)

Why are we told that the wealthy are mean and evil, by politicians, and a president who are wealthy?

Why is diversity good everywhere except the NBA and black colleges?

Why do fuel prices stay so high while we are tapping more of our countries natural resources?

Lastly, I know why God and His Word are so important, wish more people did.

History lesson on “nation of immigrants” mumbo-jumbo

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In the middle of a piece by Patrick Buchanan yesterday, here at World Net Daily.  He gives a brief timeline that you need to know when someone in your community tries to shut you up with that tired old declaration that “we are a nation of immigrants,” and therefore we are expected to take in the world forever.

Below is Buchanan after explaining that our founders were all of similar background, religion, culture and language.

Later, in our history we abruptly slowed immigration for 40 years because we were overloaded (graph at right shows the dramatic slowdown). 

We were not a nation of immigrants in 1789.

They came later. From 1845-1849, the Irish fleeing the famine. From 1890-1920, the Germans. Then the Italians, Poles, Jews and other Eastern Europeans. Then, immigration was suspended in 1924.

From 1925 to 1965, the children and grandchildren of those immigrants were assimilated, Americanized…

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Let’s send all the ‘unaccompanied alien children’ to Vermont!

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Lots of open space in Vermont! Let’s fill ‘er up!

Of course, my first choice is Washington, DC, but surely the second most deserving location is Vermont.

Did you see this Washington Post article (The Fix) this week by Jaime Fuller entitled, Is Vermont the solution to the border crisis?   That is the dumbest title I’ve seen in awhile (well, maybe in the last hour considering the dumb title at The Australian in my previous post).

The wise men of Vermont: Democrats Senator Patrick Leahy and Governor Pete Shumlin. We will take the aliens to the Green Mountain State!

So let’s answer the question for them—Yes, send the illegal aliens (all of them!) crashing the border right now to ultra-progressive Vermont because they deserve it for sending Patrick Leahy to Washington!

Besides the fact that they, the voters of Vermont, deserve it, it would be a fantastic…

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VIDEO: Citizens Of Chicago Speak Out – Obama Not Looking Out For Them

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Okay, then

Well, better late than never.  At least they’ve figured out that the Occupier of the Oval Office does not have their best interests at heart.

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