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Liberal Scum  
The definition of a flip-flopping, hypocritical politian who would rather prove conservatives wrong then take care of the nation’s problems. Also they like to tell the lower class people they care for them but really, are just as rich as the Bush’s. They like to spend your hard earned tax money on worthless bullshit and raise taxes! They also like to tell you what to do with your money and free time, for the “common good” of the people. They like to state that we are out of hand in our pursuit of Usama Bin Laden, and that 9/11 was George Bush’s fault, even though, during the Clinton Reign we were bombed in fucking Africa, on the USS cole and guess where else in 1993? THE WORLD TRADE CENTER! They also like to give the people the Defeatism mindset with the war in Iraq, because, even though Hilary Clinton and John Kerry, along with many other liberal scum, voted for the war, they like to say we’re losing it. And who can forget when beloved Former Presidick Clinton bombed Iraq’s facility’s of “WMDS” in 1998 so he couldn’t be Impeached? Who also remembers how he ended up bombing a fucking asprin factory. Nice Job you lieing cocksucker. My friends, liberals are scum and will lead this country to the slow self-destructing ways of socialism. NOW LET’S ALL THANK KARL MARX FOR ANOTHER GREAT DAY IN THE UNITED STATES!
Al Gore is liberal scum because uses 4 times as much energy as the common american with his own mansion, a mansion for Tipper, and flying all over the country telling us how “we” are the reason the world is ending

Hilary Clinton and John Kerry are liberal scum because voted for the war in Iraq, then changed ideas when it saw it hurting their popularity. Now what kind of “Leader” can’t even keep their own decisions?

Jimmy Carter is liberal scum because he funded North Korea’s nuclear program, now their pointed at the Stalin-loving California coast, nice job assholes

2. Liberal Scum  
In purely logical terms, this phrase is irrational since it is redundant. I am assuming that ‘liberal’ in this context means social democrat or socialist, not classical liberal.
“Those liberal scum are at it again trying to force us to live in the patterns they prefer–equality with everyone except the liberals who lord it over us all.”

Dalai Lama left thru the trash exit and this guy got the parade (via Uppity Woman)

Dalai Lama left thru the trash exit and this guy got the parade Chairman Mao would be envious. (Above photo: J. Scott Applewhite) (Above photo: Charles Dharapak) (Above photo: J. Scott Applewhite) But there were some visitors. You know, those pesky human rights people who, unlike Barack, are worrying about dead people in Tibet? (Above photo: Jacquelyn Martin)   (Above photo: Jacquelyn Martin) (Above photo: Jacquelyn Martin) But no matter, Barack looks very comfortable standing in front of a flag… (Above pho … Read More

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Hu Jintao has arrived (red carpet). First discussion: Bowing priorities (via Uppity Woman)

Hu Jintao has arrived (red carpet). First discussion: Bowing priorities The leader of the Country that takes advantage of the USA daily by manipulating their currency and making it impossible to compete with them, the leader of the country that exports everything and imports little, the leader of the country that owns the preponderance of our ludicrous debt, the leader of the country that would fall apart if we taxed their imported products or, even worse, refused to buy from them, the leader of the country that has … Read More

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Obama "Hu"ssein And Hu: The 2 Hu-Moa-Zedong Clan | The Hive

Yes, I am “pressing” myself once again. When will Bammy break out his knee pads?

Obama “Hu”ssein And Hu: The 2 Hu-Moa-Zedong Clan | The Hive.

Makes YouWish You Had A Basement!

An Awakening Experience (via ELLIOT LAKE News & Views)

But attacks against Christian whites don’t count as hate, just deserved paybacks?

An Awakening Experience I have just returned to London, where I have lived since I was 11 yrs. old. I have been away for four years, living as an ethnic minority in a monocultural part of the world, amassing a host of stories to tell to disbelieving friends. On the whole, I am glad to return. I shan't miss some locals' assumptions that, being a white woman, if I was outside after dark, as I … Read More

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