Soros Bets Against America

Heck, he finances most lefist whack jobs here, and around the world.

In the first trading day following S&P’s announcement that the U.S. government credit rating would go from Triple-A down to AA+, U.S. stocks have sharply declined and investors are scramblingto rid themselves of risky assets. With Wall Street in disarray, one investor is smiling after having walked away from the crisis nearly a billion dollars richer. ETF Daily News reports that the investor bet on the downgrade, and is now heavily benefiting from it:

Tottenham Riot: Blacks Riot In London

Tottenham Riot: Mark Duggan’s Family Condemn Rioting After He Was Shot Dead By Police | UK News | Sky News.

Extra police have been deployed to Enfield to handle clashes that have broken out this evening after a night of rioting in nearby Tottenham.

Modesto Biggest Hypocrite? Emerson Drake

emerson patterson
Here is a recent photo of the guy in case you see him out and about.

This guy has been busted for renting a house with the sole intent of producing pot. He shows no remorse, he does not even care that he was placing the men, women, and children in the neighborhood in danger. He has begun a crusade against every public agency that was involved in his arrest. The City of Modesto,the MPD, and also MID whom he stole power from

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