Flash Rob Mobs: If They Are Not White The Media Ignores Them

Not a peep out of The Revs Squad: Al and Jesse.  But just watch, the second a shop owner stands up and protects their property, and one of these thugs are injured, they will be barking the usual song and dance.

Public Schools Teach Shame To American Children (via Short Little Rebel)

Public Schools Teach Shame To American Children Last night, cuddling with my 11, 10 & 7 kids, I asked some casual questions about school.  Specifically, history questions.  Some comments of theirs in the past bothered me and I wanted to delve into the matter a bit.  As I said on a previous post, "my antennae were wiggling."  Needless to say, my an … Read More

via Short Little Rebel

Emerson Drake Attempts To Whitewash Black Guy Comments

The other day I posted Emerson Drake’s racially motivated comments about  officer Kari Abbey’s relatives. He described them as “intimidating” “body guards” and “black.” He is now trying to de-“race” his comments by some lame post at the Turlock Journal’s webpage.


Emerson Drake/aka truthseekers states;”At Kari Abbey’s most recent court hearing she arrived with what has become her usual entourage. One side of court room was filled with her husbands (self identified) relatives and the other a variety of Elias family, media, and court observers.

A long time Modesto attorney who was in the courtroom was interviewed after the hearing and his comments and impressions were aired on the show. Those were the comments others have taken out of context and ridiculous inflammatory statements have been made about.

As far as bodyguards are concerned, watch the video provided by the Modesto Bee. It shows a large man who was identified to us as a friend of Abbey’s husband. He leads the way out of the courtroom and down the hall. Also interesting to see is the woman who folds up an aluminium walker she “needed” on the way in but now carries to use to ward people off.

But don’t take my word for it see for yourself. Their exit is in the first few seconds of the video. Then maybe you’ll wonder why some here are pushing personal agendas when they know so very little about what’s going on. ”
Emerson went ballistic when I posted his race baiting words. His buddy Carmen Sabatino did not disagree with what he said. I guess when a guy like Emerson, who was arrested by LE for having an illegal pot grow in a residential neighborhood, has revenge on his min 24/7, nothing is off limits; even attacking people’s family members because of the color of their skin is not off-limits.


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