BREAKING NEWS – FBI Detaining People Connected To Obama Investigations

Waco Wharehouse Blast

This is amazing video. Thank God this man and child survived.

This is only a drill…

This is only a drill? Don’t trust nor do I like FEMA. The Waco Murders’ took place 20 years ago 4-19-03. Just a fun fact for those who think that only white, right wingers were murdered: 26 of Davidians were black.

Update on the drill (posted 4/18): Due to the events in West, Texas last night, North Hills Hospital and the NCTTRAC have chosen to cancel today’s emergency preparedness drill. Many of the same resources planned for the drill have already deployed to West to help care for the victims down there.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, loved ones, and first responders affected by this terrible tragedy.



North Hills Hospital is proud to be hosting one of the largest emergency preparedness drills ever held in the state of Texas this week. We will be partnering with the North Central Texas Trauma Regional Advisory Council (NCTTRAC) and first responders from throughout North Texas to test our equipment and processes so that when a real disaster happens, we’re all ready to respond.

This drill is even timelier in the wake of the bombings at Monday’s Boston Marathon. Our…

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