And Justice For All

This comes via Justice For Kari Abbey’s Facebook page and is  reprinted with permission.

Justice for Innocent Sheriff’s Detective Kari Abbey
This case was a classic self defense case. A gun was drawn and someone got shot. In this case the jury decided that there was enough evidence to prove that if someone pulls a gun on you, you have a right to defend yourself. More stories that are simular coming soon.

By GORDON JACKSONThe Times-Union WOODBINE — A Kingsland man was found not guilty Wednesday of murder and other charges stemming from the January 2007 shooting death of his best friend, a Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base sailor.

Justice for Innocent Sheriff’s Detective Kari Abbey

‎@John – I acutally did some work on the above case before it went to trial. I could not believe it went to trial but it was very close on the definition of self defense and could have gone either way. Most all the party goers were intoxica…ted. The three main people were the defendant, the home owner and the ‘girlfriend’. There were a dozen other witnesses also that all told one thing the same way, the home owner retrived a gun, pointed into the face of the defendant and said he was going to shoot him. The defendant grabbed the gun from the home owner, turned it around and shoot him in the face. Every story on what happened with the gun was correct with every witness but the rest of the story about the rest of the evening was different for everyone, including the defendant and girlfriend. The defendant started the altercation between the two. The two had a physical altercation and a verbal one. The home owner demanded the defendant leave his property multiple times. When he got a gun and threathened the defendant is when he made a mistake. There very much is a simularity to this case and the Abbey case. But in the Abbey case it seems to be more of a statement of class, culture, and creed. This case was pushed into action after the county got sued for wrongful death. I would not be surprised if the county was trying this case to prove Kari is innocent to get out of a potentially large lawsuit. I can not see them trying a clear case of self defense and wasting tax payers money on a trial without some benefit to themselves. Whether people like it or not, Kari had a right to shoot Rita. That is the law and as unjustified as it may be it is still the law. If the letter of the law is followed in this case Kari will be found innocent. No further charges can be brought against her for this charge.

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  1. wayne2008sblogsite
    Aug 10, 2011 @ 04:11:25

    The BB gun was not in Rita Elias’s hand the BB Gun was found inside of the apartment and Rita was shot even while unarmed. According to witnesses Rita came out of the apartment with tree twigs…..and a gun, why would she have tree twigs or a gun? Their information makes no sense. Roids!

    Apparently Abbey is hoping some potential jurors will believe the “alibi” but also why was she found to be part of a Marijuana grow and drug operation with illegal weapons and roids. ?


  2. Uncle Sam's Boot
    Aug 10, 2011 @ 04:24:07

    What Wayne, were you there? Wait for the trail, and stop trying to convict a person before they get their day in court. I am not talking about any of the other charges. You say roids? Unless you have used them, you don’t have any idea about what they do, or don’t do to a person. I speak from experience, you are who you are either while on a cycle or off.


  3. wayne2008sblogsite
    Aug 10, 2011 @ 04:34:23

    Oh, okay you posted this a public announcement and did not want to discuss it. Where did you get your initial information on this face book site? Me I was the first to post it. No I will not go on Abbeys face book and talk about it because Stanford feels that would be wrong. So what was the purpose in posting it here? You quoted someone else who discussed this and gave their opinion so I assumed the topic was to be discussed. No I wasn’t there and yes she deserves her day in court and get a fair trial. So if this subject is not up for discussion then what was the point in posting it. I guess I was not agreeing.


  4. wayne2008sblogsite
    Aug 10, 2011 @ 04:40:09

    You don’t have to take roids to experience the effects of roids. To many people on roids who go into rages and also it has become a problem for LE all across this nation so much that they’re talking about making it mandatory for LE on roids to have continuous psychological evaluations. Why would you want to take roids? maybe I am missing out.


  5. Uncle Sam's Boot
    Aug 10, 2011 @ 18:15:03

    They help in the growth, and recovery of muscle. If taken according to the proper dosage, along with a good diet, they are safe. Some jobs require strength, and LE is one of them.
    And I did not say you can’t discuss the Abbey case, I was just making the point that some people are convicting her just because she is a Stan county Sherrif officer.


  6. wayne2008sblogsite
    Aug 11, 2011 @ 00:37:30

    Actually,I guess there would be nothing to discuss. I have seen some of the eye-witness testimony and you really want to promote Kari’s defense so we would just run in circles. I don’t think there would be one piece of evidence that I put up that would be acceptable as direct evidence.


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