Sabatino Says He Can Help Modesto: How About Paying Your Fine

This guy, just like his pack-mate Emerson Drake, fancy themselves as  community watchdogs. What they fail to tell you is that their behavior, often illegal, cost us money. Emerson’s illegal pot-grow operation, and Sabatino refusing to pay his fine.

The one bright spot is that it looks like father time, and ever expanding waist lines will quiet them down. Probably sooner than later!

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A judge threw out the lawsuit and ordered Sabatino to pay the city $22,887 in attorney’s fees in 2008.

Sabatino was ordered to pay more fees after he appealed that decision, then withdrew the appeal. With accrued interest, he owes the city about $30,000, said City Attorney Susana Alcala Wood.

The city has spent roughly $10,000 to $14,000 attempting to collect the unpaid bill, Alcala Wood said. Modesto recently placed a $30,000 lien on a condo property Sabatino owns.

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  1. wayne2008sblogsite
    Aug 12, 2011 @ 10:21:22

    What does Sabatino have to do with you and Emersons feud? I hope Sabitino will win just to shut the developer controlled Modesto City Council from taking tax payers money for the their own profit. Sabatino was tried and not convicted he at least deserves that. I can tell you now I bought into the Modesto bee lies by the developers who said many of false accusations, then I researched and found them to be not true. Sabatino, is a victim more than a felon. Old saying line up your ducks before you pull the trigger. Your apparent foe is not Sabatino!


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