Yesterday it was done a socialist a liberal a progressive became enraged

Causing and setting off the following

so many crazed unthinking co-eds

Young people (women)who were offended by the police

became inflamed in a rage thought it a real crime

That officers would tell them where they were it was unsafe

and to exccerise some common sense for the area was know for being a pick up point for hookers

so they became enrage; the next night this was their response So  they stood did cheered

As girls like them walked in the streets

Celebrating and proud to be called slut

Shouting out with smiles wide in a state of almost nakedness

showing how the loss of pride can make one so deprived

Later it did happen

yes, one did come to Congress

choosen for her ability to twist the truth yet skirt the lie.

Demanding yes, No calling it a crime by congress

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