The Anti Carmen Sabatino Blog: Pay Backs Are A Byatch!

I was just informed about this site, and boy, what a Doosie it is!

The investigative arm of the Voice of Modesto Blog has been chopped off in a tizzy of a tantrum. According to sources very close to the doldrums of the Med, Emerson Drake refused to be subjugate

any further by the gout ridden mongrel and was ejected from the pseudo-Italian diner.

Without Emerson Drake, and his contributions, it’s just another bi-monthly e-zine with a repetitive menagerie of vendetta sized nips from a self centered, fat bastard that is likened to a dispassionate Chihuahua crossed with deformative consequences by a Pit Bull.

But Carmen doesn’t need his right arm, now that he has his latest and greatest, Athens Abell to do his bidding.

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