Obammy’s “I Have A Scheme” Speech

I was stuck listening to the Barry’s I Have A Scheme speech last night; every tv in the gym was on it. When he stated that Americans are “rugged individualists.” I almost took a header off the tread mill. He has no concept what that means, and everything he has ever done, said, or been exposed to, is the complete opposite of the term. He believes that the Federal Government providing social security, and medical services equates to rugged individualism. WRONG! If it were not for these programs, all Americans would be receiving support, if needed, through churches, non-profits, service organizations, and even private donations from companies.

From The Rat Is Right Blog:

As I listened to the first part of Captain Job Program’s speech last night, I couldn’t help but be a teensy, weensy bit skeptical every time he lied claimed that his new jobs plan is “already paid for,” and “won’t add a dime to the deficit.” Coming from the mouth of a man who is suspect at best – whenever his lips are moving – excuse me if I’m leery; we’ve heard it all before, dude, c’mon now.

It was just a month after his inauguration that Captain Teleprompter stood before Congress and declared: “Now is the time to jump-start job creation.” (cha-ching) Eight months – and untold billions – later, the unemployment rate had jumped nearly 25% to 10.2%.

And now? Will infrastructure construction and aid to state and local governments (to prevent layoffs of teachers and other public workers) actually create jobs? Doubtful. Hell, his last “stimulus” – at twice the money – didn’t exactly “jump-start” anything – except for the unemployment rate. And how about Captain Environment’s “green jobs” program? Abject failure. (I called Solyndra for an update, but their phones have been disconnected.)

So, let’s get back to the “already paid for,” and “won’t add a dime to the deficit” business: Did you, or did you not, call for additional deficit spending, Mr. President? Of course you did. Yeah, I know how you like to call it “investment,” but as I said at the beginning; excuse me if I’m skeptical. Here’ why:

Americans for Tax Reform has compiled a comprehensive list of the new taxes, or  tax increases Captain Redistribution has signed into law since taking office.

Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell hit the nail on the head last night, saying: “This isn’t a jobs plan – it’s a re-election plan.”

And what’s wrong with that, Mitch? Obama benefactor, AFL-CIO union-thug Richard Trumka, (sitting with Mishy), thought his comrades’s speech went just fine.


Rob from the rich and give to the poor; don’t unions do that the other way around?

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  1. wayne2008sblogsite
    Sep 09, 2011 @ 22:37:38

    I’ll disagree with you on Social Security and safety nets. As far as Obama’s jobs plan, What are the Republicans jobs plan? They don’t have a different one this is it.

    Infra-structure repair is a good one but I would have rather seen a larger scale jobs plan such as The trans continental High Speed Rail line.

    That would employ millions of workers. Just disappointed with the conservatives for not having a better plan first.


  2. The Conservative Hill Billy
    Sep 09, 2011 @ 22:54:39

    Wayne, repair the Infra-structure through private companies. Make SS an option. The republican? I know there is a conservative plan: Get the feds out of the way. Lower taxes, place tariffs on imports, develop our natural resources. Come on Wayne, lokk past the dems and repubs jargon. High speed rail? Why? Employ millions? Never. And please don’t lump conservatives with republican RHINOS and sellouts. That is what the left is hoping for. I have put forth a plan that would straighten out this entire mess, and if a humble, simple guy like me can figure it out, then there is a very good reason why Washington and most of the idiot politicians there, refuse to.


  3. wayne2008sblogsite
    Sep 09, 2011 @ 23:07:11

    If there are private enterprises who wish to build High Speed Rail then they need to step forward and put up the cash……………….I don’t think they will show up. Remember how Eisenhower got the inter state highway system going? or maybe state by state stimulus.

    Couldn’t help notice how Biden and Boehner are real chummy lately.


  4. The Conservative Hill Billy
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 14:18:23

    From The Rat:

    RINOs – Republicans in Name Only – are generally, registered Republicans who support one or more non-conservative (liberal) “values,” i.e. big government, abortion, or wealth redistribution through a progressive tax system. They may tend to vote against conservative programs and legislation, but claim to be Republican.

    It’s a pejorative term; nobody professes to be a RINO. (used against those who appear to believe that the core values of conservatives are “too far to the right.” )

    Conservatives, in turn, support the core values of limited government, right-to-life, low taxes and a strong military.

    These obviously are not “scientific,” or all-inclusive definitions; rather, they’re a bit fluid, but I’ve hit on the major points Hope this helps!

    The Rat


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