Don’t Forget It Is Christmas Everyday

Of course I am talking about the real reason for the season. Not the shopping,food, and time off most of us are blessed with. That is right, everything we think we have, we do not own, but instead, we are allowed to borrow.
People do not own houses or cars, planes and trains. Rather, God has loaned them to us. Everything we think are ours, are really his. Of course, I often forget about this, but at some point He reminds me, and everyone else.
Think about how much stress is relieved from our daily lives when we see our possessions as gifts? A gift is something that you are not expecting. Sometimes they are items you think you don’t need, and best of all: gifts are something you do not pay for.
If I person loses their home to foreclosure, they have not lost anything, but have instead gained more freedom of their lives.
Think about this: Thousands of home loans were “given” to people, by the government who forced banks to make loans to people who did not qualify. These people then bought homes, often through federal programs. Then, the same government allowed for the entire housing, and banking system to fail. Our government was a god to many, many people. These people trusted a false god.
By losing their houses, and faulting on the loans, they actually received a gift from God. Owing large amounts of money, people place themselves into indentured servitude. You are owned by the institution who loaned you the money. Look how our federal government has been enslaving people for years under entitlement, social programs, education grants, and home loans?
Even if some people do not believe in a god, they should be able to see the evil that is produced by federal dependency. They should, but many don’t.
Well, I did not intend this post to take this direction, but as we bloggers know, the threads often seem to write themselves, and they seem only to borrow our fingers.
Merry Christmas to all every day, and may God Bless all of you.

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