Savoring Every Bite

Quick breads many times are full of oil or butter, sugar and white flour.  I’m attracted to the “idea” of these breads but then get turned off by the ingredients.  Not that I don’t use white sugar and white flour when making my Italian cookies as I like to keep to the traditional recipe.  But  during the rest of the year, I prefer to enjoy all I eat while knowing that I’ve tweaked it to be healthier for me…and that means enjoying what I eat without any guilt!! 

I do see more recipes around switching out the butter or oil for applesauce or yogurt, white sugar to raw sugar or agave and white flour to wheat or a blend of flours.   While I don’t have a gluten intolerance, I do try to lessen the gluten I consume.  This bread could be completely gluten free by replacing the 3 tablespoons of white/wheat…

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Linda Vernon Humor

Getting drunk at 18 is as exhilarating as skiing down a mountain blindfolded.

Getting drunk in your 20′s is as exhilarating as skiing down a mountain.

Getting drunk in your 30′s is as exhilarating as skiing.

Getting drunk in your 40′s is as exhilarating as watching somebody ski.

Getting drunk in your 50′s is as exhilarating as watching someone wearing ski clothes.

Getting drunk in your 60′s is as exhilarating as seeing a mountain on tv and saying, “I’d climb that mountain if I wasn’t so drunk.” 

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Once A Day? Maybe Twice A Week? Visit Our Followers!

I started thinking about what would happen if all of us bloggers made it a point to visit our followers a little more often? And while we are there, be sure to “like” or “re-blog” a post? I know I like meeting new voices, and faces, via my daily blogging journey. I have met more nice people in the last few months here, than I have in public. I am not quite sure how this sounds! 🙂

I know I have become much more aware of differing, and like-minded views through my blog. I have also become better educated about my new favorite group of folks; The Foodies.” This is not to say I don’t enjoy everybody’s friendship just as much.

Well this is just my nickel’s worth of an idea to help grow our blogging friends, which in turn grows our views. And it is safe to say we all like to check our “views today” chart.

God Bless ya all!

I encourage all who read this re-blogged post to visit Linda’s blog. It is very well done! :):

WordPress’s Reblog Button: A Great Tool Of Sharing Or Theivery?

I have received several comments over the past few weeks about the re-blog option. It Sites the original author, gives the link, and publishes 3-5 lines on average. In my opinion, it is a great way for all of us bloggers to continue to get our “message” out, what ever it is. It also is a great tool to gain exposure for our blog, and to share our favorite bloggers.

I guess that if somebody does not want their material shared, they can always ask it not to be re-blogged. I don’t know if we can opt out and not allow for our work to be re-blogged.


Sleep Aid….This Will Bore You To Sleep!

This guy is a machine. Remember, he is winging it. No script here.

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