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Friday Means Beer,Dancing, And More Beer

Hope everyone has a great weekend. And to kick it off Hillbilly style, here’s some dancin music!

Crosby Stills Nash Dylan, And Hillbilly

Talk about a whole lot junk piling up in my burn pile. I was driving home tonight from the gym, and I was attempting to tune into my country classics station. Instead, I hit the River;105.5, where everything from the 50’s to 2000’s are played. The singer that is playing is Dylan. No mistaking this guy’s voice, and it was a 60’s tune, because one of the lines had to do with watching out for the “man”. No problem, the Hillbilly likes the song well enough to stick it out and take a listen to the next beat. Well, it is Crosby, Stills, and Nash, featuring Stephen Stills. I like the hippies voice and he plays a mean string box. The song is Dark side, which I have heard maybe once. This is another group of hippies that where all about peace, love, and fighting the man. So I started grinding my gears a bit.

These guys where accusing the federal government, and just about every politician and every conservative white dude of “keeping them down.” For whatever that is worth! So this is where the Hillbilly gets his tractor steaming: The man, and men in power now, who are sticking it the people, are the party of the hippies! Where are the songs about Benghazi? Four Dead in Libya? I guess they don’t want to admit that they Got Fooled Again,and again! They were all for freedom of expression, peace and love. But they don’t raise a guitar pick to defend Christian’s rights.

If BHO looked liked LBJ, there would be gaggle of bald, hippie lettuce smokin’, flip-flop wearin’ folks singing “Give Peace A Chance” all around the country. But hypocrites don’t roll like that I guess.

Asian Houston

How’d the heck did Whitney get into this lil’ fellar’s body?

Ted Nugent Rocks: Just Not At Fort Knox

So Ted gets the boot for making a comment about his views on Barack re-election chances, and the Army whacks him from a concert line up. How dare he speak about The One! Thing is, the Army brass is just peaches and cream when it comes to muslim infecting our troops with their ant-American filth. So how much of the top military command is liberal pukes? Well, let’s start at the top!



Nugent said during an NRA convention last weekend that if the Obama is re-elected in November, “I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” His remarks prompted a visit from the Secret Service on Thursday, with a spokesman for the agency saying after the interview that “the issue has been resolved” and no further action is anticipated.


Dick Clark: America’s Oldest Teenager Dies

Dang, he always seemed to be a nice guy. Not very many t.v. personalities have a fan base from all political camps. Ya had a nice run Dick, rest in peace.

New Order: Music Break Per The Hillbilly

Red Solo Cup By Toby Keith: The Hillbilly’s Official Blog Song

Just sit back, watch and listen!

Flash Back Friday: The 80’s

Yes the 80’s. The Hillbilly lived the mullet high life. Billy Ray Cyrus had nothing on mine. Some of the coolest bands at the time were quite un-Hillbyesque though!

Kerrie Rocks!


“…that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

Alfred Tennyson, Idylls of the King, and a selection of Poems


Recording music, it’s such a creepy cocktail of pain and pleasure for me. The obscene amount of self analysis that takes place leaves me hovering over a whirlpool of insanity, I can feel the vortex sucking me in! By the end of a session every muscle in my body aches, mentally and emotionally I’ve been drained to an inch of my being – as I lay horizontal staring blankly at the ceiling with drawl forming at the corners of my mouth. You’d think I’d run a marathon with a gun wedged in my spine. Not recorded a few measly songs.

“Why do you do it?” you…

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