Britons Rediscovering Themselves

Britons Rediscovering Themselves.

However, perhaps only by informing people (and thus smashing apart these ludicrous (multi-racial) fairy tales), will the inner struggle and outer national culture on the matter, change towards that of actively seeking self-preservation.

If they are told they are nothing — were nothing — have a shameful past — are the same as everybody else — all interchangeable — have no homeland — have nothing unique, etc, then in their view, why would (indigenous Brits) care, or even fight in any way against what is taking place (in their homeland)?

If we are going to set out our premise of why we nationalists hold some of the ‘tricky’ (political-incorrect) positions we do, then I think we need to have balanced tone and factual articles like this one (and the one before it) from time to time to remind us – and to inform new people who may be coming along with fresh eyes.

There is a gulf out there, it seems, between those of us who know these silly games they play, and know the real state of affairs – and those who are ignorant of them and have no understanding of why we hold some of the views we do.

Unbelievably, I still hear debates and phone-in callers going on about “hating people just because they do not look like you do” or being “ignorant” of different races and cultures and religions and “ignorant” of our so-called ‘mongrel’ ”nation-of-immigrants”.

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