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  1. augustinehippo1
    Apr 09, 2012 @ 20:06:39

    This is a very strange phenomenon.

    I guess I don’t get the self loathing of some whites. It’s almost like a mental illness. I have nothing against blacks and as you know I come from a prominent family of Alabama Plantation slave owners. Still yet I don’t feel I owe them or anybody else anything. This is just one more contradiction I see in liberal thinking. I’ve lived and worked in east Palo Alto, The Filmore in SF, and east Oakland. Blacks can be just as racist as whites. Somehow it’s only white racism that is bad and black racism is another entitlement. Liberals crow about Darwinian evolution yet when societies act upon “survival of the fittest” principles, this is somehow viewed as unnatural and evil. Very strange and illogical thinking. As a Christian conservative, my God declares all men and women equal, yet the liberal cry’s a river over the poor Palestinians, who murder the Jews for just being Jews and treats women like cattle. Again very strange. The liberal weeps into his Starbucks Organic Ethiopia Sidamo over what that racist Christopher Columbus did to the poor innocent Native Americans, but Custer and the thousands of white settlers got what was coming to them.
    Am I carrying grudge against Japs (that’s what my dad who fought them all across the Pacific called them) over Pearl Harbor as I get into my Toyota and watch my Sony. Hell no. Do I hate the German Huns, who mustard gassed my grandfather in France during WWI. Not on the least, it was the war to end all wars. Remember.
    Am I pissed over Bobby Seal and Panthers coming on my college campus and threatening to kill all the white crackers. Not really, most of those guys are dead or became Oakland slum lords. No big deal.
    The past is the past. My black friends owe me nothing and I owe them nothing. Well maybe I owe what God has called me to owe them, love them like myself and put their sins behind my back never to be seen again.


  2. wayne2008sblogsite
    Apr 10, 2012 @ 11:41:36

    I don’t agree with all of this. There is also a misunderstanding on different subcultures within the United States. Whites may feel a natural guilt which has nothing to do with “Liberalism” due to one sided justice in certain parts of the US.

    Another issue is that in the different parts of the US where whites out number the minority usually by 80% of the population, the whites will take advantage of their overwhelming numbers.

    I also believe that the whites that are used to the stereotypes of the blacks and brownskinned on television and the movies try to treat those minorities in the same way they have watched others on television treat them..they mean well but don’t understand the difference between the actors playing a role and the average minority.

    They mean well but it can also be taken as odd by the minority or offensive and this goes both ways just as a minority who has lived in a town with an overwhelming number of whites all of his or her life will also try and treat the whites as they see them on television and the movies when entering a different region or city.

    It is no different than a person who has lived in the same region all of their lives and has never been outside of that region into the Big cities where it is completely different from a rural area..they too will react this very same way. I’ve been all over the United States and to many Big cities and there is a huge difference between the way people act,react. It is obvious to me Elliot Lake is not an American citizen and has not lived in rural America…


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