If you have not already, you need to watch the Alex Jones’ movie; The Obama deception. It is on You Tube and at Info Wars’ website. Barry has done the opposite of just about everything he said he would do during his 08 campaign. And the American media for the most part, covers this fact up.

Piazza della Carina

Voice of Russia
May 30, 2012

Obama – judge, jury, and executioner
Boris Volkhonsky

On Tuesday, The New York Times published a lengthy article that really hit the front pages of most international media. As has been revealed to the newspaper by a number of U.S. counter-terrorism officials (three dozen of Barack Obama’s current and former advisers), the U.S. president personally oversees a top secret process drawing up a “kill list” of terrorists and al Qaeda suspects who should be hunted down and executed by drone missile strikes.

Barack Obama’s meetings with his counter-terrorism advisers take place every Tuesday in the White House. The president requests “baseball cards” of presumptive terrorists or their associates to be presented to him – with pictures and biographies. Then, after some contemplation, he personally decides who should live and who should be the new target of a drone strike. As the newspaper puts it…

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Sin: One thing all of us folks have in common!

He Hath Said

“Who healeth all thy diseases.”-Psalm 103:3

Humbling as is the statement, yet the fact is certain, that we are all more or less suffering under the disease of sin. What a comfort to know that we have a great Physician who is both able and willing to heal us! Let us think of Him awhile to-night. His cures are very speedy-there is life in a look at Him; His cures are radical-He strikes at the centre of the disease; and hence, His cures are sure and certain. He never fails, and the disease never returns. There is no relapse where Christ heals; no fear that His patients should be merely patched up for a season, He makes new men of them: a new heart also does He give them, and a right spirit does He put with them. He is well skilled in all diseases. Physicians generally have some…

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A Man And His Words

As I was posting my last thread, I was given a quote by Tennessee Williams, via Word press. It made me stop and think about the couple of books that Obama claimed to be the writer of.

If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it. Tennessee Williams

If you have not already, take the time to read some of the stuff that Barry says. Scary and telling!

Just A “Quickie” Post

The allure of vacation has a way of shortening a Hillbilly’s post. So here I go with today’s agenda. Pick up ginormous pay check; Well, it is for me due to the stipends! Go to bank and deposit said check, and begin the process of wealth redistribution with the local power company and my brother the landlord. Workout at the gym, and then off to the driving range to keep the golf skills sharp. Then off to the bowling alley to build some skills so I can eventually work on keeping them sharp. Lunch, a bit of yard work, and hit happy hour by 4pm.

Yup, just another grinding day at the office:)

Triples Senior Tuesdays

Yup, that is the name of the league that I bowl in every Tuesday. Who cares that I am not a senior! I am starting to see a lot of similarities to golf. Really friendly folks, and players of all skill levels competing against each other. Of course, this is done by handicapping. Since I am new, I am spotted a number of pins. Actually, quite a few. Seeing that I have never bowled in a league, some players are giving me a bit of the stank eye do to a few of my scores. I rolled a 186, 174, and a 112 Tuesday. Now the 112 is a score that most beginners roll. It was my last game, and the oil on the lanes changed, and I threw a ton of splits that I was not able to pick up. The first two scores are on par with the better bowlers in the league. Who, of course, have been bowling for years. Hence, the stank eyes!

Now that I am getting in to this sport. Yes, it is a sport. I am going to work at it, just like I do golf. It is something about having to be competitive, and good, at any sport I pursue. It is not that I want to say that I am better than everyone else, it is that I want to win, or lose, on my own, and not with a handicap. I don’t want help. I guess it is just like I don’t want any handouts from the federal government. I don’t need a nanny to care for me. Probably this is why I hate Affirmative Action. It tells people that they can’t do things with out help from the government. It enslaves them mentally.

Dang, and here I thought I was just going to ramble about bowling!

Hypocrisy: Gotta Light?

I have been seeing quite a few commercials about the dangers of smoking lately. Ya know, folks with their legs hacked off, and others wearing wigs and a mask because the lost their face due to smoking. At the very end of these commercials, I notice that the federal government is footing part of the bill…Ad Council.. to run them.
So let me get this figured straight; The Federal Government wants folks to quit smoking, but they also raise a big chunk of change taxing the tobacco companies. So if there are less smokers, there will be less tax dollars. What the hay I say?

And does not the Chump in the oval office fire up heaters himself? Here is a thought. Stop taxing the backy companies. Stop forcing health care on us. And then there will be no need for commercials like these. All the folks in these propaganda shorts knew the risk when they first sparked a cancer stick. They now need to stop whining and deal with the consequences of their choices.

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