If you have not already, you need to watch the Alex Jones’ movie; The Obama deception. It is on You Tube and at Info Wars’ website. Barry has done the opposite of just about everything he said he would do during his 08 campaign. And the American media for the most part, covers this fact up.

Piazza della Carina

Voice of Russia
May 30, 2012

Obama – judge, jury, and executioner
Boris Volkhonsky

On Tuesday, The New York Times published a lengthy article that really hit the front pages of most international media. As has been revealed to the newspaper by a number of U.S. counter-terrorism officials (three dozen of Barack Obama’s current and former advisers), the U.S. president personally oversees a top secret process drawing up a “kill list” of terrorists and al Qaeda suspects who should be hunted down and executed by drone missile strikes.

Barack Obama’s meetings with his counter-terrorism advisers take place every Tuesday in the White House. The president requests “baseball cards” of presumptive terrorists or their associates to be presented to him – with pictures and biographies. Then, after some contemplation, he personally decides who should live and who should be the new target of a drone strike. As the newspaper puts it…

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