Where Does The Time Go?

Dang, seems like it was just the first Monday in February, and my first day of golf practice. Now it is the last week of April, and our last league match! What the heck is goin’ on here? I know the older I get the faster the time goes, but I am starting to think, the more fun I realize I am having, the faster the time passed by.
Probably it takes a few years under the belt to realize that life is about enjoying the fun, simple things. I have to attribute this wisdom to God. Without Him, ain’t none of these blessings are coming my way.

So it is off to the course for the match, and The Hillbilly is also off tomorrow! Where’s the beer?


[TWG Note: Soooooooo…. Montana Police are training average Citizens on how to “Patrol”…….  Watch out for those “big, bad, violent weapons”…   This should give everyone a warm fuzzy.]


Citizen Police Academy – On Patrol

Posted: Apr 25, 2012 12:22 PM by Chet Layman
Updated: Apr 25, 2012 1:53 PM

 Citizen Police Academy on Patrol
  •  Citizen Police Academy on Patrol
Maintaining calm in high stress situations that could turn deadly at any moment – that is the primary focus of law enforcement, keeping the peace.

The 5th Citizen’s Police Academy, put on by the Bozeman Police Department gives participants an eight-week crash course in law enforcement.

One of those weeks focuses on the patrol.

One of the main duties of patrol, and sometimes the most dangerous, are traffic stops. What’s inside the vehicle? Are those inside a danger? These are questions that can only be answered by approaching, with extreme care, and finding out.

For the Citizens Police…

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[TWG Note: I LOATHE those “people” more each and every day. And when I say “those people”, I am referring to SOCIALISTS, COMMUNISTS, MARXISTS, PROGRESSIVES, LIBERALS, ECOTERRORISTS, GLOBALISTS, AND NOW DEMOCRATS. They’re all the same now. I will refer to them as ENEMIES OF THIS NATION AND HER CITIZENS. I wouldn’t give the teeniest, tiniest, turdiest turd what color their skin is or where they were born. If they hate this Country and our Citizens, THEY ARE ENEMIES. Obviously H—Bent on our total destruction.  WHAT’S IT GOING TO TAKE BEFORE WE, THE PEOPLE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS CRAP???

When it begins for them, It will begin for us. When it begins for us, it will come to an end for them. They drew the lines when we were just living our lives.

We will hear them fire first. They will hear us fire last.

If it comes to it…

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Cowboy Press

This is weird, especially the last paragraph.  Quote, “One speculation in this report, however, does note that the scenario to be played out in late May, in Colorado, as planned by the Americans, does, indeed, mirror similar plans of the Russian General Staff of actions to be taken in the case of sudden civil war where “outside forces” would be called upon to protect the government from overthrow by internal forces or armed rebellion by the military.

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US Calls For Russian Airborne Troops To Take And Hold Denver Airport | EUTimes.net.

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