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because black people are always given a pass

The white dude told kids to get out of the street and then their parents show up

20 of them making a mob

and beat the shit out of the dude?

Not fair and it is a hate crime

20 blacks to one white dude – is hate

but still blacks get a pass.

Black aggressives like these are all in jail so when are they going to learn they can’t do this?

When the white population of America stops trying to make up for slavery.

That was the English from UK that did that – not Americans from USA – and I had nothing to do with that either.

Was not here, my people were in Armenia, figure it out and if blacks want to continue to be pissheads about certain things


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  1. 68ghia
    Apr 25, 2012 @ 12:20:01

    Welcome to SA…


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