Best laugh/cry I have had since I last heard Barry Hussein speak.:)

As predicted? More like as forced upon us. I think Reagan was the last guy who was not hand picked by the 1 party system!:)

Citizen Tom

As predicted, Mitt Romney won the Florida presidential primary (see here). Next up? Caucuses in Nevada and Maine on February 4th (here). Since the Florida primary was only open to registered Republicans (from here), I thought Romney’s victory particularly disappointing.

If Romney wins the Republican nomination, I believe the odds favor Obama in the general election. Other than the fact he is not Obama, Romney has done little to distinguish himself. Romney claims he can create jobs, but his record and his political philosophy provide little support for that claim. As the creator of Romneycare, the program model for Obamacare, Romney has proven himself almost as Liberal as Obama. Big government does not create jobs. In fact, such unethical programs destroy nations.

So what will happen in the general election? Obama cannot run on his record. It’s a disaster. So Obama will run negative ads against…

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The above recipe is from

Savoring Every Bite

I am beginning to take a liking to Cuban food.  Partly due to my fascination in exploring different ethnic dishes and finding many similarities, such as Greek Moussaka is similar to Italian Lasagna.  Every nationality has distinctive staple foods and styles of preparation. 

Shrimp Creole is one dish I have ordered several times at our favorite Cuban restaurant.  Cuban cuisine is not known to be spicy, but it is well seasoned.  This dish however, does have a bit of a kick and that may be one reason I enjoy it so much. 

In attempting to recreate it, I was aware that Cuban’s prepare their own sofrito (not to be confused with soffritto, which is the Italian version) of onions, garlic and sweet peppers and spices such as cumin, bay leaf and cilantro.  Taking that and adding what I know of sauce making, I made my version of Shrimp Creole.  Traditionally…

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Awe yes, Eugnenics. Started by Maggie singer,carried on bt Planned Parenthood, and supported financially by DC. How many beautiful people have not been allowed to be born due to this evilness? How many doctors, and scientist were never allowd to help make this world a better place? God knows us before we ever reach the womb, so what gives man the right to deny a child the right to be born?comments (optional)

So when will his pay grade allow him to state when life begins? My God tells me that all life comes from Him, so I can clearly state that it is from the moment that He places the baby into the mothr’s womb via conception. And I only make a few bucks a year!

EPA?FEMA?DHS? With friends like this who needs enemies?

No,no,no, Barry won the Piece of Shit Prize. I wonder how long until he wins his Osczar Award?

I 75 Crash: Tragedy For One Church

This is so sad.

AP) GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Senior pastor Arao Amazonas said he wanted to wait until the next morning to leave Florida after a religious conference. But pastor Jose Carmo Jr. wanted to be back in time for the suburban Atlanta church’s Sunday morning service and led two vans up Interstate 75 toward Georgia.

A few hours later, Amazonas received an early-morning call: Both vans had crashed in the highway’s fog- and smoke-shrouded darkness near Gainesville, Fla. Carmo, his wife and their daughter were among five church members killed in two deadly pileups along the always busy six-lane interstate.

This not only touches a nerve of mine, but blows it up! My father never collected a dime of his SS, and my mom is collecting it, but never will receieve it all. It is immoral for the governemt to steal the fruits of another person’s labor! 😦

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