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UPDATE: Pew research- one in eight voter registrations is invalid.

Anyone out there still wondering about vote fraud? How easy is this. Think about all of the absentee ballots out there. Does anyone wonder if Obama will do all he can to get elected by doing it the Chicago way? Oh these nasty GOPers. Contrast this with Rachel Maddow’s take on the situation. Somehow James O’Keefe did not get much attention on this one. But here it is.

James O’Keefe of ACORN and NPR-busting infamy released another video expose that shows how easy it is to obtain ballots to vote by assuming the identity of dead people. Video below

UPDATE: Nearly 2 million dead people still listed on active voter

WASHINGTON — One in eight voter registrations in the US is no longer valid or has “significant inaccuracies,” according to a new report released Tuesday.

The report, published by the Pew…

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Savoring Every Bite

There are many, many recipes for tiramisu and much written on the history behind this Italian dessert.  It’s definitely one of my favorites; I guess I’m a gal that loves the creamy desserts; tipsy in alcohol, rich in flavor and softly sweetened.  I almost always have the basics for pulling together a tiramisu on hand such as, ladyfingers, mascarpone, whipping cream and an assortment of liquors.  From there it’s whatever your heart desires.  And this time, my heart was tugging at me for chocolate and raspberries.

While I’ve heard of several stories on its origin, my favorite by far is that this dessert with its traditional ingredients including espresso, ladyfingers (sugar) and a cordial was offered to customers at certain bordellos as a “pick me up” to enjoy after so they could go on with their day.  Now whether this tale is true or not doesn’t really matter to me…

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The school recently held an ad looking for a part time community member to assist in school activities. I was lucky (or unlucky) enough to help out in the process. My duty was to read the emails and suggest possible volunteers based on their registration forms that they emailed us. This would be a person who is to be trusted with the kids here at the school.

I was appalled when I noticed some of the email address that were sent to us.  Here is a list of some of the worst.

  1. Newfiehottie_56@****.com
  2. chicken_shit70@****.ca
  3. likes_it_rough@****.com
  4. f_off_now@***.com
  5. Mfkr89@***.com
  6. sexy_mama@***.com
  7. roll_in_the-hay@***.com
  8. makin_bacon66@***.com
  9. LazyMF@***.com
  10. Bootymamma@**.com

I don’t care if you are Mother Theresa or the Pope, if you have a email address like those above, you are not getting work at a school. Use some sensitivity when choosing your email addy, as this is the first thing people see when you send them…

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California And My Taxes

Well I received my tax return from the State this past Wednesday. I went to my tax lady on super Bowl Sunday. I figured what the heck, my Dolphins were at home on the couch, so I would not be missing much. After getting the bad news that this year will be the last I will receive any of my money, due to the fact I am selling my house, I figured the state would take its sweet time and suck up as much interest as possible. I was told it would be at least a minimum of 14 working days: Try 3 days!

I had to stop and ask myself why this happened so fast. I think it is an attempt to boost Cali’s economy. I know I helped it a bit. Grocery shopping, gas in the truck, and a couple of breakfasts. So why don’t politicians just cut themselves out of the loop? Ah, that would be too logical and it would help some of the taxpayers realize that our politicians are really not needed. Yup, we elect people to fix things that were broken by them. Talk about job security. 🙂

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