Running Naked With Scissors

Ok Guys – I felt bad that you got left out.  

We are all in this together.   But I am glad we didn’t have to do sex ed together in school wow – I got all blushy thinking about it…

But this here, is a gem.  I give you….

THIS… 🙂   (pay attention I think there are some really good points made)

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The face of gendercide vi Cry Beloved Country’s Blog

The face of gendercide.

When she was six weeks pregnant, Dr. Khurana learned that she was carrying twins. Her husband and parents-in-law immediately began pressuring her to get an ultrasound to learn the sex of the babies. Dr. Khurana refused. (Though widely practiced, sex determination during an ultrasound is illegal in India, because of their epidemic of sex-selection abortions: More than 700 babies are aborted in India each day simply because they are female.)

POTUS: Fake Christian

“battle against our own nature.” This is a powerful statement. I believe this is why there is such a rift between conservative Christian Americans, and liberal Americans. I am going to start using this term more often.:)

Citizen Tom

Politics is an uphill battle. The promotion of good government requires us to battle against our own nature. To allow each other our Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness requires more than just leaving each other in peace; we must act. We must unselfishly protect each other.

To protect each other appropriately, we have to understand how to judge both our own behavior and the behavior of others. Here, in The Most Misunderstood Word in AmericaDr. Robert Jeffress explains what such judgement involves.

In addition, we must overcome never ending discouragement. The battle with sin never ceases; we must always resist the urge to sin both within ourselves and in our neighbors. When we give up the battle, when we abandon each other to sin, we always lose some part of our liberty. Why is that important? Without liberty, we have less opportunity to share…

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Nice Deb

You’ve probably heard Rick Santorum talk about how he led the fight to ban partial birth abortions. I remember it well…In the nineties, Republicans fought tooth and nail to have the repugnant procedure outlawed – only to have President Clinton veto the partial birth abortion ban two times, and for specious reasons. There was no medical justification for this particularly inhumane type of abortion, it was purely elective,yet Dems insisted on putting a provision in the law that would have allowed the procedure in instances where it would protect “the woman’s health” (aka – mental health aka “I’ll be really bummed if I have this baby”) rendering it meaningless. As late as 2007, when the Supreme Court upheld the ban, leftists were still putting the words “Partial Birth” in sneer quotes, as if pro-lifers were making thisup.  They saw the ban as an assault on a woman’s…

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