Good, I am not the only one who talks to the “puter”!

And My Buddy Beer’s Not So Good Buddy

I love Junior Brown!

A Song To My Buddy Named Beer

May I Add Another Please?

Ok, I noticed I have been slacking on building my Blog-Roll. I have been saying all of these nice things about my cyber friend here at Word Press, but I have not kept up on adding to ” The Roll.” So I am going to try to add a few of my followers each day.

See, I have been trying to become a well-rounded, more people friendly Conservative Hillbilly. One, because I just like to be a swell guy, though some will never believe it. And secondly, friendly people tend to get free beer more often than non-friendly folks! So, you see, my belief that beer is the great uniter once again is proven correct! 🙂

God Bless

The reason why most all of these atheist folks want to rid our society of anything Christian, is because it reminds them of how immoral they are. What they don’t understand, is that there are moral absolutes in this world, and my God has pointed them out in His Word. Just because Chritian symbols appear on public property, does not mean the governemt is forcing anyone into accepting Christianity.


Can you believe it? January 31st is another one of those wacky or bizarre holidays. One you won’t find on your calendar, by any means but celebrated by some people all the same. You really can find one for every single day of the month. Backwards Day…Do everything backwards, is it possible? Of course it isn’t, but you all knew that. It may be fun or amusing to do a few things backwards just to give it a whirl.

Walk backwards? Not for me, I would be running into things or falling all over the place! Come on, who can walk backwards gracefully? Talk backwards? My brain couldn’t process that one I’m afraid. Everything would come out complete gibberish, wonder if anyone can possibly do that? Write backwards? Maybe one word, I wouldn’t want to try for a whole sentence. I once saw a movie when the guy wrote the woman’s name he…

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Newt Supports Lies About Mitt?

I am by no means a fan of either of these candidates, but if The Newt is tied to the blatantly false robo calls that state Mitt denied kosher meals to be paid for by Medicaid at Massachusetts hospitals, he needs to get his lying tail out of the race. The kosher meals were never in jeopardy of being stopped. The issue was about an additional $600k, that would have allowed the hospitals’ kitchen to prepare the grub, instead of a caterer. The state legislature also made it a non issue. Just a reminder of why Mitt is not a good choice for us conservative voters: He supported the TARP bailouts! Pretty good conversation here:

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