Motor Home Review: I Love You Man!

These class A-motor homes are the Taj Mahals of the RV world. Man, I would almost think about goiving up beer to own one of these, but then how could I truly enjoy the full R.V. experience sans beer?

BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

So Obama pulls off some more razzle dazzle. The best part is now contraceptive services prevent various cancers including ovarian cancer so the man says. The quote is in about the first minute of the video below. Tell me how this works.

The Catholic Church somehow is resolved of this issue by the insurance company not the Catholic Church providing this service.

President Obama just announced his plan to “accommodate” religious organizations being forced to provide free contraception. And guess what: he thinks the American people are idiots.


H/T: The Blaze/ Here’s what I mean:

  1. Obama just said that he won’t force employers with religious reservations to provide free contraception.
  2. Instead, he said he will now force the insurers to provide such services for free.
  3. But let’s ask this: who pays for those employees to have those policies? It’s the employers.
  4. Who do yo think the insurers will pass the cost of…

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Flippin Funny Friday

King of the Hill is one of my all time favorite reality shows! Here is Hank’s dad; Cotton Hill, teasing him about his narrow urethra.

How To Grill A Steak: Hank Hill

I thought I would let my buddy Hank give a little grill advice.

This is what you can really call “JUNK” mail. Or is that MALE?

Camper Review

Sit back, pop a cold one, do a little junk adjusting, and enjoy the video!

It is not meant to turn the housing market around, it is meant to take it over!

Here in America, people have the freedom to be idiots,racist, and bigots. As long as a person does not threaten, or asked for another to be harmed, there should be no crime.

Your coWell the entire thing is unconstitutional, so he needs to blink on the whole damn thing. If he were really smart, he would go Bazzaro Obama: Do exactly the opposite of what he has been doing for the past 3 years. His approval ratings would be in the 70 percent range!:)mments (optional)

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