Five Most Recent Acts Of Stupidity I Have Witnessed!

I had to limit it to five do to a space constraint!

1: Dude on a motorcycle splitting lanes while traffic was stopped at a red light. How this manuever is legal, I will never know. He clipped a side mirror on a truck, and almost dumped his ride. At least he checked to see if the owner of the vehicle had any damage to his truck.

2: Tweaker babe crossing a 6-lane street while the light is green. What else is there to say but “TWEAKER.”

3: Skinny swimmer dude at the gym walking into the weight room in a Speedo. Not sure if this is stupid, or just simple insanity! YUCK! Can you say banana hammock?

4: Me walking into the darkest part of my backyard, barefooted, at night, without having picked up the “mutt-mines” earlier in the day. Yup, squished a big ol’ pile right up between the piggies> 😦

5: Me again, for actually writing about number 4!

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  1. Carl D'Agostino
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 13:29:57

    Dillon Raddigan on MSNBC just reported that the Obama administration has said to all the attorney generals of the 50 states to accept a $25 billion settlement for the bankster fraud or they will be cut off from federal funds supporting state attorney general criminal investigations. There will be no prosecution of the banksters. Now get this: this settlement represent 1/10 of 1% of all the money that was misdirected and stolen ! What kind of president do we have ?


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