Newt is doing the heavy lifting for the left. Ya know the gotta keep up that all we need is love image! 🙂

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A thought has been tumbling around in my head for a few weeks. What is up with Newt and this “Massachusetts Moderate” meme?

Perhaps a “Dog Whistle” to the millions and millions of voters in the “center?”

There are the fringes- far left and far right- who sadly seem to control the primary process every four years.

Then there are the rest of the voters. Some lean a bit right, some lean a bit left.  ‘Moderate’ is a good word for them.

Is Newt’s REAL job in this primary to establish Romney as a ‘moderate’ in the minds of the voters?

How many started out not wanting to vote for Romney- perceiving him to be owned by the same entities that financed teh fraud? And how many now are thinking “OMG! Better Romney than the lying cheating impeaching hypocrite from hell!”

Moderate. Just what the center really wants.

Too bad…

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